Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class (September - June, 9:15 - 10:15 AM)

The Adult Bible Class needs you! Please join us and expand our membership! We would greatly appreciate you contributing your thoughts, experiences, faith, questions and friendship to this small gathering!

We follow the "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum. The discussion is informal and friendly, yet can be challenging at times! This intimate group lends itself to further exploration of the scriptures and a growing appreciation of its members! Please visit us any time, and WELCOME!

Pre-Lenten Bible Study (2011 Jan 26th - Mar 2nd at 7:00 PM)

HOSANNA: A Spiritual Journey Through Holy Week by Carol J. Miller, was our

six-session Lenten Bible Study. This in-depth study was a thorough overview of the events of Holy Week.

The first lesson was titled "Paul's Perspective" and dealt with Maundy Thursday and the institution of Holy Communion. The subsequent lessons traced the events of Holy Week and ended with a lesson titled, "From Death to New Life".

We studied real-life questions to help us understand the meaning of Holy Week in our own lives today.

Advent Bible Study (2010 Dec 1st - 15th at 7:00 PM)

The Light Will Shine - A Study for Advent, written by Carol J. Miller, is the title of the book which will be used for our Advent Bible Study. The study will be led by Pastor Sirianni and will be held in theSenior High Classroom. A summation published in the book notes that, “The Scriptures for the first Sunday of Advent look forward to the Final Coming (Advent) of Christ and the consummation of history. This fulfillment of istory spells disaster for those who have ignored God and God’s will. It is, however, deliverance for the community of people who live their lives alert to the daily demands of the will of God. The Old estament texts chosen by the church speak both of the fearsome justice of God and of the final fulfillment of all the promises of God. The Gospel texts center on the need to be watchful and alert; not allowing the tasks and events of everyday life to distract us from living our lives in the knowledge of God’s supreme power. The epistle texts speak to the way people living the gospel message respond to others with love and compassion.”

Adult Vacation Bible School Study (2010 Aug 1st - 5th from 6:00 - 8:45 PM)

This year we had a Galatic Blast: A Cosmic Adventure Praising God! After dinner, we gathered at the Storyteller's Corner and then headed outdoors to settle into our adult bible study on the lawn!